Household art, the redux




We wanted to post pictures of this unusual art event happening tomorrow (Saturday), but we can't. To find out what artwork was created in a handful of homes throughout downtown, you'll have to be there in person.

That's the gist of Household Residen(t)cy, a project in which nine University of Colorado at Colorado Springs students, led by UCCS visual art instructor and Focus on the Beer blogger Eric Steen, have created artwork "for strangers and their homes."

Via e-mail, Steen did divulge some details:

Each has been placed in one of seven homes in a downtown Colorado Springs neighborhood and charged with the task of creating site-specific artwork for the household, with the household, and about the household. The project asks the artists to release traditional understandings of the role of the artist as a mastermind of an artwork by negotiating and collaborating with the people who, in the end, must “live with the art."

Some of the artist’s [sic] proposals have ranged from building a speakeasy bar in a basement, teaching a resident to play the guitar, to documenting family get-togethers, to inventing stories and creatures with one of the younger members of a household.

UCCS' Galleries of Contemporary Art did something somewhat similar a few years back, with former director Caitlin Green pushing exhibits outside gallery settings. AWOL, or Art Without Limits, encompassed Bus Chronicles, a multimedia project of poetry posted in city buses; Displacement: Cinema Out of Site, avant garde film screenings in a downtown parking garage; and Rotozaza, a three-part performance art series held in a grocery store, among other places.

But back to Household Residen(t)cy. You'll only get once chance to see/experience the works, and that's tomorrow for a 5 to 7 p.m. walking tour that meets at 1927 N. Corona St.

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