Colorado lawmakers considering measure to repeal Amendment 64



A press release from the proponents of marijuana legalization — including Mason Tvert, Betty Aldworth and Christian Sederberg, who we interviewed for a story on the amendment's task force — says "numerous Colorado state lawmakers are considering supporting a strategic maneuver to repeal Amendment 64."

"The proposal entails the General Assembly referring an unconstitutional measure to the November 2013 ballot in addition to the measure required to establish excise and sales tax levels for marijuana sold under the provisions of Amendment 64," reads the release. "The unconstitutional measure would amend the Colorado State Constitution to entirely repeal Amendment 64 if the voters do not approve the tax levels proposed by legislators."

The Denver Post reports the move is getting a fair amount of consideration from legislators, but faces a steep path to becoming reality.

"[Rep. Frank] McNulty said lawmakers who support the idea haven't agreed on final language for a repeal proposal, instead saying that — with only 13 days left in the session — they are still working on 'finding the right mix,'" wrote John Ingold. "It is unclear whether supporters have the backing of legislative leadership to introduce a bill this late in the session or whether they could amend it onto the existing bill on marijuana taxes. And it is unclear whether they would be able to generate the two-thirds support needed at the Capitol for lawmakers to put a measure repealing a constitutional amendment to voters."

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