Recent series from KRCC shows burning homes, looks at 'living with wildfire'



In case you've missed it, Andrea Chalfin and Michelle Mercer at KRCC have been doing good fire reporting of their own in a series called "Flash Point," which explores "how wildfire is changing life in Colorado."

And though it's radio-centric, of course, the web reports have some cool features, like a timeline of major events in the history of forests and wildfires, or the intense video of live footage shot at the time by the Colorado Springs Fire Department. (Embedded below, the action gets going at the 1:39 mark.)

There's also a report that pairs nicely with our March 3 story about some of the tools the National Institute of Standards and Technology is employing to map the risk in our wildland urban interface. Here's Chalfin:

The Wildland Urban Interface spans more than 28,000 acres north to south, crossing Interstate 25, and touching Academy Boulevard in places near Palmer Park. [Now retired] Fire Chief Rich Brown recently put it another way.

“This is the most affected urban interface in the state of Colorado,” Brown says, “which is in our jurisdiction of Colorado Springs, and it’s the 9th most threatened community in the western United States, right over here west of I-25.”

Pieces entitled "The Double Bind: Forest Treatment in the Age of Megafires," and "Wildfires and Climate Change Perception," are scheduled to air today and Friday, respectively. Check 'em out, and maybe drop some dollars on the station's pledge drive while you're at it.

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