Michelle Morin: 'Now I'm a "bigot" :)'



For those Republicans who wonder why they are losing the battle of messaging, this might be instructive.


Michelle Morin, a local blogger who writes at mom4freedom.com, is a darling of the local conservative movement. Look here at all the famous conservatives she's stood next to.

It would appear, from this post on her Facebook page, that she is insinuating that gay couples like to rape children, and that by allowing gay marriage to become a normal facet of our culture we're also opening the floodgates for such abuse.

Of course, this would just be a guess (as her post is so rich in snark as to be nearly indecipherable), if she hadn't made her point abundantly clear in a response to someone in the thread.


Armed only with snark and a single link to a story of alleged child abuse, Morin has declared that not only do gay couples enjoy raping children, but that one day, thanks undoubtedly to the liberals, society-at-large will learn to view this horrific perversion as an acceptable quirk.

Morin doesn't even attempt to use data to back up her first claim, because there is no unbiased, legitimate data to support it. And, as for her second claim, it is beyond reason to assume that people who support the marriage of homosexuals would eventually come to accept child abuse — it's simply a baffling leap of illogic.

The Facebook posts were brought to our attention by Elliot Fladen, a well-known conservative-libertarian activist.

"I criticized her in an attempt to have a more tolerant conservative movement," Fladen states. "My goal is to have a GOP/Conservative movement that is welcoming to groups like the Log Cabin Republicans."

We have asked Morin for a comment, and will post a response if we get one.

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