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After posting this blog about a new option for finding local foods, I received an email from Nathan Albertson, coordinator of the endeavor, which he says is being called the "Colorado Springs Urban Farmer's Market."

He's included a letter which thoroughly outlines how the whole thing works.

Here's the core of it:

Before we get any farther into this growing season, I want to tell you about a new concept in local food that Colorado Springs Urban Homesteading is introducing this spring. We are working with YourFarmstand.com to create a Colorado Springs Urban Farmers' Market, making possible a really different way to buy (and sell) locally grown food. The produce and other foods that will be available are grown right here in Colorado Springs*, mostly by urban homesteaders, or friends of ours. We know where this food comes from, we know who grew it, we've been on the farm or in the garden where it grew and we know it wasn't picked before it was ready so it could be trucked in from half way across the planet. Does it get any better than that?

Here's a quick overview of how it works. You create an account on the site (it costs nothing to sign up), select a Local Food Market (choose Colorado Springs, CO from the drop-down list), add funds to your account (under the My Account tab) at your convenience, and you're ready to shop. Browse through the things that are available for sale this week in the Colorado Springs Market. Since the items offered for sale on the site are grown right here in Colorado Springs, the time of year and the recent growing conditions will have a big impact on what's available in the Market on any given day.

On the Market page, all items for sale are grouped by general food type, so be sure to look in each category. There will probably be new items listed each time you shop. As you find items you want to purchase, just fill in the quantity box at the right side of the listing. When you are ready to process your order, click the Place Order button in the lower right hand corner. Your order and payment will be processed, and the details of your request will be emailed to the local suppliers and Market Coordinator. The suppliers and Coordinator work together to pack up your produce and on the date and time scheduled for your pick-up location, the produce you have just ordered will be available to you. Stop by and pick up your fresh, locally grown veggies, fruit, eggs and other items, from your local farmer.

Ok, so that's the consumer side of this opportunity. There's another part - being a producer. If you are a gardener or farmer and plan to grow more produce than you expect to consume or preserve, think about selling some. You don't have to have acres and acres in cultivation, the rest of us certainly don't. You might just have some herbs growing in a container on your patio with enough extra to share, or decide to plant an extra hill of zucchini. It's easy to sell through the site and it offers you some additional reward for your labors. When someone makes a purchase from your listing, the funds are transferred to your account directly. You don't have to accept credit cards or run to the bank to deposit personal checks. You can start anytime, and there's no obligation to have something on the Market every week. If you are interested in becoming a producer and selling your veggies, fruit, flowers or herbs on the site, please contact one of the Organizers for more information. Join the Local Food scene by making a very real difference for yourself and others in the community.

Any funds that are associated with your account on YourFarmstand.com are your funds, always, to do with as you please. You can withdraw them at anytime without penalty or other obligation. You are the only one that can spend those funds to purchase produce offered in the Market. Colorado Springs Urban Homesteading does not receive anything from your transactions on the site.

The YourFarmstand.com site is quite easy to use, but sometimes things may not look the way you remember them. If you have any questions about the use of the site, or about the Pickup Locations, please let one of the Group Organizers know and we'll help you sort through the details. Also, there are helpful tips and even a how-to video on the "Info" tab at the right end of the row of tabs on all pages of the site.


Thanks to the recent Green Cities Coalition newsletter for the heads-up on this one:

The Colorado Springs Urban Homesteading group and our Local Food Working Group has launched a "garden-to-you virtual marketplace" on the Vermont-based website YourFarmStand.com.

As a quick tour reveals, one can shop for items such as eggs or worms (for gardeners) from growers and producers local to a specific area — now, Colorado Springs.

Click here to learn more about the sustainable business model.

Your Farm Stand
  • It's like the circle of life, only requiring a computer.

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