We're the second-worst-dressed city



It's true, according to Motovo, a real estate website, and this chipper e-mail:

Hi Kirk, Ralph and [J. Adrian] Stanley! I’m Nick with Movoto, a blog that talks about real estate and city-related news.

What’s up with Colorado Springs? Apparently, your city is missing a fashion sense, as it ranked second on our list as the worst-dressed city in the country: http://www.movoto.com/blog/top-ten/worst-dressed/.

We took into account high-end clothing stores, jewelry stores and other style factors.

Interested in your feedback. Are we off? Do Colorado residents have other concerns besides style?


We're down there with Milwaukee, Tulsa, Albuquerque and No. 1, Wichita. As Motovo puts it, these are the places "where fashion dies."

Motovo came up with this by enlisting Yelp and reviewing how many high-end clothing, jewelry and shoe stores each city had per capita. It also looked at things like number of tailors and number of fashion schools. Somehow, this also put San Antonio on the list at No. 8. (Does La Cantera, complete with a Tiffany's and Burberry, not count? How about everyone in heels at the H.E.B.?) Naturally, New York City sits at the top of the list.

Anyway, that we're almost dead last seems kind of harsh, since, well, we can't help it no one put a Nieman Marcus here. Sure, if find yourself in a local Wal-Mart, our ranking may seem justified. But what you must remember is, people of Walmart are everywhere. Just what is it about the place that makes people think wearing dirty pajamas in public is a good idea? (Except for Lloyd, who can dress however the fuck he wants.)

But I digress. What do you think? Do we suck at this? Is this just another stupid Top 10 list (my vote)? Are we more fashionable than the metrics suggest?

Or, as one commenter on Facebook put it, "Or, 2nd least materialistic...based on the criteria use. Another win for COS!"

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