THC-DUI bill on its way to passage


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In this week's CannaBiz column, we wrote that House Bill 1114 — the effort to limit the amount of THC allowed in a Colorado driver's blood to 5 nanograms per milliliter — had passed out of committee and would likely see the full House before the end of the week.

As luck would have it, the full House gave the bill its first consideration yesterday, reported the Denver Post, and it seems like making it to the Senate for final consideration won't be a problem.

Two amendments to the bill passed Tuesday prevent a person's status as a medical-marijuana patient from being used as evidence of impairment or probable cause for a blood test. The bill requires a second, recorded vote in the House before heading to the Senate, but its passage in the House seems assured. No representatives spoke against the bill Tuesday.

The paper also noted that a bill that would allow Colorado MMJ businesses to take state tax deductions also passed the House.


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