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Boston Punk Zombie

As the local promoters who gathered together for last week's Indy cover story pointed out, putting on house shows can be the gateway drug that leads to becoming a club or concert promoter. Of course, there can be obstacles along the way, like visits from the police due to noise complaints or vans being set on fire.

Residential rock and underground rave promoters should also be on the lookout these days for the likes of Joe Sly. At least, that's the concern of the Boston Globe, which posted last week about what appears to be the most clueless undercover cop on the planet.

With his green-mohawked "Boston Punk Zombie" avatar and Onion-worthy hipster jargon, the mysterious Mr. Sly has been infiltrating the city's DIY music scene with inquiries about under-the-radar events currently being targeted by a police crackdown. "Patty’s day is a mad house I am still pissing green beer," he wrote in one Google+ private message. "The cops do break balls something wicked here."

After being stonewalled by the Boston police department's press relations officer, the Globe filed a a public records request for info on any fake social media accounts the department may be using.

Since then, a number of parody sites have begun springing up. We especially recommend DJ Boston PUNK Zombie's Facebook page, where you can enjoy posts like these:

• "i like to do pot at a diy show. send me the names and phone numbers of some cool grass dealers"

• "yo dawgZ! im part of BOSTON BEAT GANG! and im ready to hit it UP! DIY Style, know what i'm sayIN???? 420 friendly."

• "Hey teens/adults, post all of your wicked pisser DIY shows/delinquent activity here! (Full names and addresses)"

As to whether the original Joe Sly is a cop or performance artist, only time will tell. (Or won't.)

Meanwhile, all you local DIY promoters and cool grass dealers out there, be sure to let us know if and when you hear from one of Punk Zombie's Colorado Springs counterparts.

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