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Candidates running for six district seats on Colorado Springs City Council have raised $340,346 and spent $270,818, according to the latest round of campaign finance reports filed last week.

Though that's a gap of about $70,000, much of that likely was in the process of being spent when the last campaign finance reports were due and will be accounted for in the final campaign finance reports due on May 2.

By far the richest race was in southwest District 3, which includes the Broadmoor area, the west side and downtown. Three candidates raised $135,024 and have spent $105,291. The leader is incumbent Brandy Williams, who got $43,500, or 74 percent, of her total from her mom, Consuelo Williams, who also had a big hand in her first election two years ago.

The next-highest aggregate total was $59,327 raised by District 5 candidates, where Jill Gaebler, Bernie Herpin, Al Loma and Roger McCarville all raised respectable amounts of cash. Together, they've spent $45,419.

The April 2 city election, being conducted entirely by mail, will decide who holds district council seats. Ballots are due by 7 p.m. Tuesday. Check for information.

Those elected will be sworn into office on April 16 and join at-large members Merv Bennett, Jan Martin and Val Snider on the Council.

If the top fund-raisers win their races, the new Council members will be Tim Leigh, Angela Dougan, Brandy Williams, Deborah Hendrix, Jill Gaebler, and David Moore. All but Williams were endorsed by the Colorado Springs Housing and Building Association. The HBA and its members donated a significant amount of money this year, as usual.

Here's a rundown of how much each candidate has raised (the first figure) and spent (the second figure), excluding candidates who have dropped out of the race:

District 1
Joe Barrera, $1,306 — $1,995
Don Knight, $10,174 — $10,150
Tim Leigh, $21,175 — $13,136
Linda Mojer, $100 — $75
Julie Naye, no reports

District 2
Angela Dougan, $30,129 — $28,548
Joel Miller, $8,974 — $8,851

District 3
Jim Bensberg, $19,184 — $17,113
Keith King, $56,864 — $35,172
Brandy Williams, $58,976 — $53,006

District 4
Helen Collins, $9,159 — $8,662
Gary Flakes, $365 — $349
Deborah Hendrix, $20,055 — $7,826
Dennis Moore, $8,494 — $7,360

District 5
Jill Gaebler, $16,942 — $12,611
Bernie Herpin, $15,472 — $7,099
Al Loma, $13,401 — $12,365
Roger McCarville, $13,512 — $13,344

District 6
Ed Bircham, $11,000 — $10,789 (entirely self-funded)
David Moore, $19,505 — $18,122
Andres Pico, $5,505 — $4,245


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