Ticked-off Littleton to hold meeting on gun laws



Peggy Littleton: Watch out, shes armed.
  • Peggy Littleton: Armed with angst.
Considering the fact that the El Paso County commissioners, led by Peggy Littleton, already passed a resolution promising not to follow any law they think infringes on the Second Amendment (read Ranger Rich's take on that here), this should come as no surprise:

County officials are a little upset that the state legislature has passed a host of gun control laws.

Littleton is planning on hosting a meeting to discuss what the laws mean to citizens — or whether El Paso County will simply secede from the Union. (Little joke there ... we hope.) El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa, who has offered teachers free lessons in hunting down mass shooters, will also be in attendance.

Commissioner Littleton Schedules Town Hall Meeting on Pending State Gun Laws
Sheriff Terry Maketa to Answer Citizens Questions

El Paso County, CO, March 9, 2013 — El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa will join County Commissioner Peggy Littleton for a “town hall” public meeting this Thursday to answer citizens’ questions about legislation under consideration in Denver and Washington which would impose additional regulations on the ownership and sale of firearms and ammunition. Earlier this year the Board of El Paso County Commissioners unanimously adopted a Resolution in support of second amendment rights and urging both federal and state lawmakers to reject new legislation which would seek to limit those rights.

El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa also issued statement in support of second amendment rights and indicating that the Sheriff’s Office would not support the enforcement of Presidential orders or similar rules of administrative agencies which would be in conflict with second amendment constitutional guarantees.

Commissioner Peggy Littleton says, “There is a lot of talk new gun restrictions in Denver and in Washington and we have been getting questions from El Paso County residents who want to know more about what’s being proposed and what these proposed restrictions would mean here in El Paso County. Sheriff Maketa will be there to answer citizens' questions about local enforcement requirements.”

The public meeting will be held Thursday night, March 14, 2018 2013 from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Commissioners Hearing Room at Centennial Hall, 200 South Cascade Avenue. Free parking is available in the El Paso County parking garage on Sawatch Avenue directly west of Centennial Hall.

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