Meet Ruger, the Broadmoor mascot



Earlier this winter, my boyfriend and I were at the Broadmoor for some reason or another, taking a walk around the lake. We met up with a man and a dog sharing the front seat of a golf cart. The man, Troy, introduced us to the dog, Ruger, who lazed on the seat that was just a tad too small for him.

Troy drove him along the sidewalk toward a patch of geese honking around the lake, and Ruger snapped into hound-mode and leapt after them, baying and barking.

The Broadmoor, Ruger

We thought that was a hoot, but it's actually Ruger's job. He's the official "mascot/water fowl control officer" of the Broadmoor. Ruger is an eight-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer mix (probably), the hotel outlines in a recent blog post tweeted today.

Ruger came from a shelter, whose staff insisted he'd be good for the job the Broadmoor needed done, wrangling the geese and keeping them from the golf course, where they could get hurt. But let's be honest, if you're golfing there, you don't want to step in poop. Ruger also helps guests feel at "welcome and at ease."

Troy is Ruger's human, and takes him home when Ruger's done for the day. According the blog, you'll often find them together, just as we did, with Ruger in his "co-pilot" spot in the golf cart.

Awwwww .....

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