Bristol Taproom at the COS Airport celebrates grand opening



It's Bach vs. Bristol in a shuffleboard showdown!

Well, sort of.

Owner of Novo Coffee, Jake Brodsky, SSP America representative Thomas Waldron and COS Aviation Director Mark Earle are also playing.

And it's more of a media photo op than a real match, which isn't to say the mayor doesn't have his heart in it. I mean, look at the guy after this less-than-awesome shot:

Bristol Taproom COS Airport
  • Matthew Schniper
  • Like Hulk, our strong mayor at times can't hold back his power.

Meanwhile, Mike Bristol, with home-field advantage, is bringin' his B-game. (For a Bristol, a B-game is kinda like an A-game, but it just starts with B, dig?)

Bristol Taproom COS Airport
  • Matthew Schniper
  • 'See where I'm pointing, Mr. Mayor — yeah, there. That's the shuffleboard equivalent of a cock-block, or a naval blockade. My point, Mr. Mayor, is that you're going down in turkey town.'

In fairness, both guys — just about everyone in the room for that matter — had been drinking (a few sips). They'd just tapped a ceremonial cask together. At this point, the mayor's strength was still in check, as it took him two swings with a wooden mallet to start the amber-colored flow of some aged Red Rocket:

Bristol Taproom COS Airport
  • Matthew Schniper
  • 'I swear if you hit my thumb with that thing you're gonna be wearing this red bow home as a VERY tight necktie, Steve.'

I could of course continue with my narrative, making up rude captions about things people actually didn't say (fun!), but instead I'll leave off there and invite you to tour this slideshow from the grand opening of the airport's new taproom.

You can also initiate that slideshow by clicking this photo. (Do it now — don't make me come after you with that keg mallet.)

Bristol Taproom COS Airport
  • Matthew Schniper
  • Mike Bristol shares a laugh — maybe about someone else's shuffleboard performance, we'll never know — with Focus on the Beer's Eric Steen.

So, back to what actually occurred in the new Bristol Taproom and adjoining Novo Coffee spaces, which we first told you about in Side Dish last September.

Speeches were made to christen the new venture and I'm pretty sure I heard the phrase "gateway to the city" again once or twice, plus a promise to soon validate parking for guests who just want to dine and drink at these two fine places that sport true Colorado flavors.

I didn't actually sample any of the food menu (hey, there's an idea for a future Dine & Dash) but I'm intimately familiar with Bristol's beers. Enough so to say that having them greet tourists versus a lesser-brew is undoubtedly a good thing for the city.

I did however take a moment to meet and sample coffee with Novo's head roaster, Erich Rosenberg.

Novo Coffee Erich Rosenberg
  • Matthew Schniper
  • Novo roaster Erich Rosenberg thoroughly trained SSP employees so they can uphold the company's fine reputation.

Which explains the coffee photos in said slideshow.

Rosenberg made me a cortado, then a latte (no, I did not fall asleep before nearly 1 a.m., forgetting to have asked for decaf, but it was worth it), and both were stupid good, highlighting a very lovely Central American/Ethiopian blend.

You're going to hear the name Novo more and more I predict, as new stores are soon popping up in Denver too (formerly the company only sold wholesale), plus a coffee arm of the soon-to-open Ivywild project will likely also feature their beans, in part.

So, in conclusion, what we have all learned today:

1) Shuffleboard, not so easy, particularly when drinking and being watched by the media
2) Quality drink at the airport makes travelers happier people — we're guessing, but confident
3) Bristol, between the airport, Ivywild and upcoming-expansion-related growth, they're a Juggernaut
4) Novo coffee — I want more

I'll leave it to Bristol beer marketeer Matt Ward and UpaDowna front-man Steve Hitchcock, goofballs in arms, if you will, to take us out:

Bristol Taproom COS Airport

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