New organic CSA debuts, quickly sells out


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Let us pause this Thursday and think of lettuce. Lettuce lets us live out our healthier leanings while still leaving lesser leaves for Lilliputian living things.

So it's with letters of thanks we greet the news that Pikes Peak Urban Gardens — of which our food editor Matthew Schniper is a board member — is about to get all green up in this house. The organization recently acquired the use of a large greenhouse near Colorado College, a press release says, and is dedicating it to the creation of comestibles: specifically to varieties of lettuce, herbs and broccoli sprouts.

"We are selling weekly member shares to the public," the release says. "The cost is $10 per week for 10 weeks for a total of $100. Each week the member will come to our greenhouse (days of the week and times to be decided soon) and pick up a freshly picked bag of at least 5 medium heads of lettuces (may include buttercrunch, romaines and a variety of leaf lettuces) and a bunch of herbs (mostly basil types). Most weeks will also include a sandwich size baggie of fresh organic broccoli sprouts."

There's something of a problem, though, and it's that by 8 this morning there were only 60 slots left, and by noon, the 70 total shares were all taken, with a 30-person wait list. As well, in 10 weeks, those that initially bought-in will have first dibs on renewing their shares.

I guess the good is that there's a large desire in the community for quality food. The bad is, and thinking of the recent demise of Grant Family Farms, there's not enough of it to go around. Still, it lets us leave with lettuce-leaning hope.


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