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U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn
  • U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn

Americans for Prosperity has released it ravenously awaited scorecard for the 112th Congress.

While it would be exciting to report that there were some surprises on this year's AFP line-up of the good, bad and ugly, alas, we cannot. In fact, it was an exactly predictable conservative analysis of the session from the "state's premier free market grassroots organization."

More like that from the press release:

“In order to hold their elected officials accountable, Colorado constituents need to know how their Representative or Senator voted,” said AFP-CO Policy Director Sean Paige. “The AFP Scorecard is the best way for our activists to keep a close eye on Washington, and confront them when they don’t vote responsibly.”

It makes a sane person wonder whether or not these things actually matter in the grand scheme of politics, considering that the politicians you'd expect to score poorly — like both of Colorado's Democratic U.S. Senators — do, and politicians like Congressman Doug Lamborn score perfectly.


Anyway, if you need to confirm your beliefs in a completely unsurprising manner, you can visit the scorecard here.

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