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It was brought to our attention Wednesday that an item in this week's cover story was not correct.

We referenced a Colorado Springs Business Journal story that alluded to the Downtown Partnership allocating $500,000 for the fledgling Alleyscapes project. That's an initiative to create a mixed-use arts alley district in the alleyway between Cascade Avenue and Tejon Street, stretching from East Platte Avenue to East Kiowa Street. But the Journal had erroneous information.

For one thing, the Downtown Partnership is not involved in providing Alleyscapes funds. We spoke with Nick Kittle, manager of administrative services and innovation with the city, who told us that money going toward the alley (1) will come from the Parking Enterprise; (2) is intended to improve safety and (3) won't amount to the figure quoted.

To begin, the Parking Enterprise, which Kittle manages, will have money allocated for several projects this year, alley improvements being one. However, there are two other projects that take priority: one to install streetlights or re-lamp existing ones between Boulder and Cache la Poudre streets, more effectively linking downtown and Colorado College. The other is to build some streetscape improvements on South Tejon Street near SouthSide Johnny's.

At this point, the city is still working on the cost for the Boulder-Cache lighting project. Once that's known, it will be able to figure how much it will be left over for the other initiatives.

Also, Kittle reiterates, the alley project has safety in mind. Should more lighting and even ground help a concept like the Arts Alley District, then that's even better.

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