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Krithika Prashant, city senior communications specialist, sends us this explanation for Brown's and Carey's attendance at the cheerleader recognition event:

Fire Chief Rich Brown and Police Chief Pete Carey attended the Spirit of the Springs award presentation at Air Academy High School at the request of Mayor Bach. Goals for Spirit of the Springs include cultivating future city leadership, celebrating and connecting community, and encouraging citizen involvement. This was and will continue to be an opportunity for people in our community to see and meet City leaders.

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Mayor Steve Bach Spirit of the Springs

It's 10 a.m. on Wednesday. Do you know where your top public safety officers are?

Perhaps Police Chief Pete Carey is actively overseeing a double-homicide investigation? Maybe Fire Chief Rich Brown is working on the after-action assessment of the city's Waldo Canyon Fire response?

Actually, on this Wednesday, both are mugging for the camera in a photo shoot of the 23-member cheerleading squad of Air Academy High, which was being recognized by Mayor Steve Bach for one of his frequent "Spirit of the Springs" awards.

Carey, back row left, and Brown, back row right, were joined on campus by Donna Nelson, right, who works in Bach's economic vitality department.

Granted, such appearances aren't all that unusual. For instance, Brown is also in almost every photo of the Friday event at which Bach handed out money raised by his golf tournament.

But what do the police and fire chiefs have to do with cheerleading? (Hey, come to think of it ...)

Not to downplay the accomplishments of the award recipients. The award Wednesday was given to Diane Shuck, Air Academy's athletic director, who won a National Citation from the National Federation of High School Associations. The cheerleaders won the 2012 4A All-Girl State Cheerleading Championship.


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