Eight goals for marijuana in 2013




The Marijuana Policy Project may seem a little far afield for our focus, being based in Washington, D.C. as it is, but it was some $1 million of its money that paved the way for advertising pushing Amendment 64. (And you may have heard that it passed.)

So when the group sent an e-mail with its strategic plan — a list of eight goals it "can reasonably accomplish by the end of 2013" — well, we figured you might be interested, too.

1. Decriminalize marijuana possession in Vermont.

2. Legalize medical marijuana in New Hampshire.

3. Build support for legislation to tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol in Rhode Island.

4. Increase support for tax and regulate proposals in California, Maine, and Oregon.

5. Build MPP's number of supporters online.

6. Continue the steady, positive drumbeat in the news media.

7. Achieve a record vote for medical marijuana legislation in the U.S. House.

8. Build support in Congress for ending marijuana prohibition nationally.

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