Tancredo cites his own 'facts'


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Tom Tancredo conferring with U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn
  • Tom Tancredo and U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn

Haven't you heard? Hispanic voters are totally cool with the extreme right's anti-immigration platform, or so says former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo.

Speaking Tuesday night at a Tea Party event (they still have those?), Colorado's premier anti-immigration stalwart stated that when you look at the election results from 2012 for the 10 states with the most Hispanic citizens, you will find that it was in Arizona that Mitt Romney carried the most Hispanic support.

The point, says Tancredo, is that in Arizona, the state with the most famously draconian anti-immigrant laws on the books — and Joe Arpaio — Hispanic voters turned out in droves for the Republican presidential candidate. So there is no reason for Republicans to back off or compromise on the immigration question.

Here, watch:

The problem with Tancredo's argument, however, is in the data.

As the website Latino Rebels notes:

Tancredo has chosen to ignore some very basic facts:

According to ABC News, Romney got 22% of the Arizona Latino vote in the general election.
Trancedo [sic] might have been referring to the 38% of the Latino vote Romney got in the Arizona Republican primary. (Source: CNN)

There is a HUGE difference between 22% of the Latino vote in the general election and 38% of the Latino vote in a GOP primary. Tancredo once again is misrepresenting the facts to prove his case. Too bad the facts he cites are flat-out wrong.

The above video was provided by Elliot Fladen, a former employee in the Springs' City Attorney's office and immigrant-rights activist. Below, watch as Fladen presses Tancredo to defend his argument that Hispanics don't care about the immigration issue.


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