Where the hell is Life in Hell ?



Democracy has so many high points.

Like the ability to complain. I mean, um ... petition.

For stuff like a Death Star.

Or your favorite comic in your local altweekly.

For a strong example of democracy in action, I submit the following minute-long voice mail left at the Indy offices by a loyal reader who would like to see Matt Groening's Life in Hell comic printed more frequently. He's speaking not only for himself, but also for friends who "loved [it] beyond comprehension."

It's not entirely clear whether the gentleman was intentionally making a pun there at the end. But it's somewhat clear the failure of the 2012 Mayan prophecy to end our world hasn't yet been accepted by him.

For the record, Life in Hell remains in the Indy's content pool. But whereas other cartoons (for instance, Tom Tomorrow) help anchor weekly features, Life in Hell — as a standalone — will continue to be included on a space-available basis.

Life in Hell
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  • One interpretation of the gates of hell, where I'm probably going because of this blog post (not to mention being Jewish, I've been told).

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