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City Councilor Tim Leigh is an enigmatic creature of real estate, driven by mysteries hidden from man and beast alike.

Serving in the public sector for the first time, Leigh has fulfilled his sacred duties in a variety of ways, sometimes attempting to burn down local businessmen; sometimes saying that what the citizens of Colorado Springs think has no bearing on his decision making (about the budget); sometimes not-saying (but acting and voting like) Mayor Steve Bach could sneeze and Leigh would be first with a tissue and a blessing.

But whatever role he serves in city government, be it lord or lickspittle, Leigh does it full speed ahead, seemingly oblivious to the impression he creates. And there's no better example of this than the dear man's Twitter account. It reads like a combination of texts you send to your friend to make them uncomfortable, and ... actually, that's it.

In fact, I'm, like, 83-percent sure that Leigh either means to text almost everything that shows up, or he means to aim each message at a specific person. In reality, he does neither, instead offering the public quality insights into the democratic process like this, from Nov. 13: "I must be a panhandler because I'm addicted to sex, too." Or, from April: "I was wondering what cologne she was wearing."

He's even drawn the ultimate, uh, something — a parody Twitter account: @NotTimLeigh, who summed the councilor up pretty well today: "All these ballot issues on @CSUtilities! Hmm. Can't oppose ALL of them, or I'll look like @COSCityCouncil's Dr. No. @mayorstevebach help!"

But the saga continues. Some of Leigh's tweets are just question marks wrapped up in non-disclosure agreements. "Tru dat," he offered yesterday. "You are a bad boy," from a few weeks ago, then: "Where's Waldo? Where's Councilman Leigh? Both are good board games."

Board games. There you go. That's what you possibly get to vote for in the next election, Colorado Springs: A man with his finger squarely on the pulse of his own neck. As he gifted us in March: "I'm a gang of one. A self directed posse."

Of course, the mayor might disagree with that.





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