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So B might be for bourbon at the Black Bear, but it's clear that C is for charity.

Victor Matthews Black Bear
  • Matthew Schniper
  • Chef Matthews, as seen circa 2009 judging his Paragon Culinary School finals. That same attention to detail has gone into crafting a calendar of upcoming Sunday Charity Dinners.

Once again, chef Victor Matthews has organized a calendar of special Sunday evening charity dinners to benefit a wide array of worthy nonprofits.

Each will run from 6 to 9 p.m. on its respective day and cost $50 for five courses (or $75 with wine pairings). The Bear will donate 100 percent of profits to each night's selected charity.

"Last year we raised a couple thousand and saved a few hundred lives!" says Matthews in a press release. "Let's double that this year at least!"

From that same release, here's the dates and descriptions, in his words:

Sundays in Jan:

13. Restaurant As Mission African Initiative. In support of the Akilah Women's Institute of Kigali Rwanda, and other culinary training helping people in Uganda and Kenya.
20. Nothing But Nets. Saving lives in Africa with simple Mosquito Nets. Literally, every $10 saves 1 child (or more). One dinner saves two kids. Seriously. Have some wine, save one more. No joke.
27. Child Soldiers International. Yes, there are tens of thousands of children forced to fight and kill (often each other) throughout the world. CSI tries to stop them through UN actions, sanctions, and awareness.

Sundays in Feb:

3. ALS. Also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, this misunderstood torturous killer took my wife's wonderful grandfather too soon and by surprise. We will donate to the ALS Association and their quest for understanding and a cure.
10. American Heart Association. In tongue and cheek reference to Valentines we will be supporting the Heart Association.
17. Cafe Reconcile, New Orleans. It is Mardi Gras Time! This Cafe trains at risk youth and saves lives in NOLA. We'll be doing Cajun/Creole Food, pouring Hurricanes, and celebrating hope!
24. Restaurant As Mission Latin Initiative. Helping bring culinary hope and light to the downtrodden would-be cooks of Mexico and Cuba. We'll be doing Latin Food!

Sundays in March:

3. Somaly Mam. There are more slaves today than in all 400 years of America's slavery period, millions and millions, mostly women and mostly for sex. Somaly Mam is a survivor and an organization dedicated to modern day abolition and an end to human trafficking.
10. Restaurant As Mission Colorado Initiative. Helping people right here at home!
17. St. Patrick's Day AND Black Bear's 14th Anniversary Party. We're going out with a bang on our last fundraiser. FREE FOOD AND BEER! All donations go to CARI (Children at Risk in Ireland) to support victims of child sexual abuse.

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