Kickstarter shares impressive 2012 fundraising figures



Consider this somewhat of an update to my November cover story on local crowdfunding efforts.

In that feature, I'd taken a look at a handful of area film projects that were using online crowdfunding platforms to raise money — Kickstarter chief among them.

Today, I received this creative overview of 2012 fundraising efforts on Kickstarter from one of its representatives, Justin Kazmark.


He wrote:
2012 was incredible year for Kickstarter and for the creators and backers who came together to bring so many creative projects to life. To celebrate, we just published a retrospective exploring some of the most imaginative projects and best moments from the last 12 months.

Just the second page of the slideshow, on overall revenues, is impressive, with more than $300 million pledged by more than two million people.

More relative to my story, it was interesting to learn that 10 percent of films at Sundance are Kickstarter-funded; one called Incident in New Baghdad was nominated for an Oscar; and apparently 63 Kickstarter-funded films opened in theaters.

I highly recommend flipping through to find an abundance of other cool stats. Even in a crap economy, it seems donors worldwide aren't too stingy with their money at all.

P.S. Kickstarter is hiring.

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