Lamborn votes against support for Sandy victims




You'll be shocked to learn that despite the $9.7 billion aid package aimed at post-Superstorm Sandy insurance claims passing the 100-member U.S. Senate unanimously, unlike 354 of their colleagues, 67 Republicans voted against it in the House of Representatives; and of course one of them is the esteemed representative from Colorado's 5th Congressional District: Congressman Doug Lamborn.

"In the House, all of the votes against the aid came from Republicans, who have objected that no cuts in other programs had been identified to pay for the measure despite the nation’s long-term deficit problem," reports the New York Times. "The 67 Republicans who voted against the measure included 17 freshman lawmakers, suggesting that the new class will provide support to the sizable group of anti-spending conservatives already in the House."

Possibly unrelated, possibly not — possibly just fist-clenchingly, stomach-churningly moronic — Lamborn issued a statement earlier in the day all about how he was going to help those down on their luck.

"In the new Congress, my Republican colleagues and I in the House will continue to pass bills to help grow the economy and create jobs," he says. "This will include promoting job expansion by simplifying the tax code, strengthening energy production, and letting the free market prevail over picking winners and losers. We will also need to make responsible cuts to some government programs and reform others to ensure we don’t pass on a job-killing debt to our children and grandchildren.”

Interestingly, as our Pam Zubeck reported, if things had gone another way, the bill Lamborn voted against might have contained $125 million for post-Waldo Canyon Fire efforts.

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