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Hats off to Urban Steam Coffee Bar, a relative newcomer on the local café scene, for taking a much-needed stand against the ubiquitous Starbucks-spawned concoction known as the Caramel Macchiato.

A wry post on the business’s Facebook page warns that the cafe “will not honor customer requests to produce the abomination known to many coffee drinkers influenced by corporate control and marketing of coffee around the globe.”

Although part of the objection is a matter of terminology — a macchiato traditionally refers to a drink consisting of espresso and a very small amount of milk — Urban Steam’s tongue-in-cheek diatribe is mostly a matter of aesthetics. The point, they say, is to enjoy the actual taste of the coffee rather than masking it with "gobs of caramel, milk and sugared syrup.”

Makes sense to us. Meanwhile, you can click here to read a rave review of Urban Steam by Indy food editor Matthew Schniper — who, I should point out, just returned to the office carrying a “caramel sweetie” from a bikini drive-through coffee stand.


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