Check out stories on guns, gas prices and (another) Noah's Ark



Got a minute? You should check out:

• Colorado Springs experienced one of its hottest and driest years in memory, last year, and that's not going to change any time soon. (Gazette)

• One visionary is building a Biblical replica of Noah's Ark, somewhere in southern Colorado. (Not to mention a water park which, you know, might be a little tone deaf.) At this point, is there anybody not working on an imaginary boat? (Colorado Springs Business Journal)

• Our local gas prices are at their lowest point all year, and much lower than the national average. Guys, are we still blaming Obama for this? Guys? Anyone? (Gazette)

• The Aurora movie theater where James Holmes shot and killed a lot of people is reopening, and the victims' families aren't loving it. (Denver Post)

• On a related note, Coloradans can still barely wait to get their hands on more guns to maybe (hopefully) shoot somebody with. Sign me up! (Denver Post)

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