Stories on the Broncos' defense, counterfeit money and the city's future



Got a minute? You should check out:

• Video analysis from Apartment Market Dynamics on how the rapid growth of Colorado Springs' apartment market has slowed, unlike that of Denver. (Property Management Insider)

• The pretty-decent counterfeit $100 bills circulating in some Springs businesses that are actually washed-out dollar bills. (KOAA)

• A little bit more on the Peak Military Care Network that we first reported on in November. It's "estimated that 100,000 to 200,000 service members, veterans and their family members live in the Colorado Springs area." (Associated Press, via the Denver Post)

John Hazlehurst's opinion that Colorado Springs is great at thinking small — be it by its politicians, business leaders or community members — but not so great at thinking ahead. (Colorado Springs Business Journal)

• How the Springs is apparently ground zero for a "cyber-Pearl Harbor." Something to look forward to ... (Colorado Springs Business Journal)

• Why the sack-tastic duo leading the Denver Broncos' push for the Super Bowl is helped by more than just speed and "freakishly long arms." (Associated Press, via KCNC)

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