Downslope Distilling adds a "blind tiger"



Limited access — an age-old marketing ploy that distinguishes the hip from the hapless.

Downslope Distilling
  • Matthew Schniper
  • As seen and tasted at our local Craft Lager & Spirits Festival, Downslope Distilling's delicious Double Diamond Whiskey.

Back in prohibition days, speakeasies (or blind tigers) actually served a public purpose, but ever since, bars like 15C have capitalized on the cool back-alley vibe while relying on word-of-mouth rather than signage and conventional advertising to generate business.

They've branded around the illegal mystique (although nothing about them breaks the law today) and actually made difficult-to-find, off-the-beaten-path locations rather viable.

People apparently like feeling as if they've discovered a secret, or that they're somehow a part of the elite who are in the know (versus the suckers down the street at the sore-thumb booty bars). After watching the latest Boardwalk Empire episode, they want to modestly role-play and relive those supposedly good old days.

And now, those people will have a new place to whisper about and feel special at: Downslope Distilling's new tasting room at 6770 S. Dawson Circle in Centennial.

The name should be familiar to you, as we've mentioned the quality spirits operation here and here in the past.

Downslope president Andrew Causey calls the new addition "South Metro Denver’s first and only 21st century Blind Tiger."

From his press release, here are the details on what makes it different and how you can get in on the action (wink-wink, nudge-nudge).

In the spirit of a true speakeasy, a tasting room has been added to Downslope Distilling that will be open 7 days a week and serve signature cocktails. During prohibition, it was necessary to know the secret knock, the 21st century version requires a secret electronic knock…a text message. That is, only those that text the (not-so) secret number one hour before opening and make a reservation will be admitted. For instance, Fred Smith sends the message- Smith 5- 6 pm at 3 pm. The party will be admitted to the tasting room where the ‘Smiths’ can take a free tour of the distillery, take a small taste of the 11 craft spirits made on the premises and order a signature cocktail. When the Smiths leave they can also purchase bottles of fine craft spirit to go. Perhaps it should be called the Text Tiger lounge? The hours during the week (Monday- Thursday) are from 5 o’clock (somewhere) to 7 pm. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays the 21st century speakeasy is open from Noon to 9 pm.
Downslope Distilling craft distills five rums, three vodkas a gin a whiskey and other single barrel and special releases.

The secret knock is 303-478-0228 and the text should include the time and number in the party.

P.S. I too am confused by what " Smith 5- 6 pm at 3 pm." means. It's either a typo or I'm just not getting the hang of this prohi' slang at all.

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