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I'll admit to being late to certain things in life.

For instance, it wasn't until I got to college ('97) that I picked up my first zine, and then subsequently contributed to my then-new friend Aaron Retka's humble effort called Death's Car (Has California Plates).

It was at Toons (currently The Leechpit, if only a little while longer) that I grabbed it, if I recall correctly, and to be honest, I wouldn't know exactly where to go to pick one up today.

A good guess might be online, where I'm sure the even-more-cost-effective format appeals to the DIY-types who invest their time and talent on these small artists' books.

But good thing I don't have to guess since a friend recently clued me in to her and some of her pals' new local publication, Ragwater Monthly Magazine, currently hosted on Tumblr.

Check it out, and consider submitting your fine work at

Ragwater Monthly Magazine Colorado Springs
  • Get in on the ground level with Issue No. 1.


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