Man skates prettily in Acacia Park




Please note: Watching KRCC's Jake Brownell peacefully skate around the temporary ice rink in Acacia Park with a combination of determination and puzzlement is just about the best way to spend three minutes of your morning.

Here's how the radio station puts the deal with its latest episode of the Big Something, called "Me Skate Pretty One Day: An Acacia Park Ice Drama":

We made our way down to Acacia Park, skates in tote, and took to the ice. (Well, it’s not really ice in the traditional sense of the term; it’s actually a hard plastic surface covered with a thin layer of watered-down vegetable oil, but it’s a pretty close approximation.) Craig [Richardson] filmed the experience, and as we reviewed the footage, we noticed something truly remarkable about the little skating routine that I put together for the occasion. As it turns out, my performance bore an uncanny resemblance to Jill Trenary’s 1990 US Figure Skating Championships gold medal winning program. Craig and I matched up the footage, and, sadly, the plagiarism is undeniable.

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