Maps tell the tale in Amendment 64 and 1A



The colorful visuals are now in: The El Paso County Sheriff's Office tax increase measure passed in all but two precincts on Nov. 6, and the western part of the county was the most enthusiastic about it. Here's the map, provided by Clerk and Recorder Wayne Williams.

Green precincts embraced the measure, while the red precincts objected to it.


Or you can open the map here: Q1Alrg.pdf

As for Amendment 64, the legalization of marijuana, it too benefited from a motivated west side. Here's the map of those results. Yellow means those precincts defeated the measure. Blue precincts passed it.


Open the map here: Amend64detail.pdf

Learn more about how locals voted in our Nov. 28 story, "Electoral outliers."

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