If you don't vote for Wild Fire Tees ...


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... then "the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion," as fire is explained by Wikipedia, wins. It's like when eating Freedom Fries meant personally defending the invasion of Iraq, except better because the folks behind Wild Fire Tees are awesome, and not really stupid and embarrassing, like Freedom Fries.

Anyway, what we're trying to say is the Denver Egotist, a widely read trade website for designers and ad people, is taking votes for its best campaign of the last year, and WFT is nominated.

"To our sixth annual Colorado Agency of the Year poll (which is coming next week), we're offering the opportunity to acknowledge the best campaign produced in the square state this year," reads the post. "We've culled our entire year of posts on The Egotist — more than 2,000 in total — and chosen 13 of the most applauded campaigns."

Considering that WFT helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for people affected by the Waldo Canyon Fire, and is now creating stuff to help victims of Hurricane Sandy, you've got to hope it wins. And hey, so far, so good: As of this writing, it's crushing the competition, winning 40 percent of the vote.

So do your part to introduce a little envy into the day of the other designers, and vote your hometown team to victory. They'd do it — or, at least, make a shirt about it — for you.


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