A very un-black Friday at local venue



From the listings desk: For years, local artist Spika, who heads up the blacKiowa Gallery at 745 E. Kiowa St., has thrown a post-Thanksgiving exhibit called blackFriday@blacKiowa.

The past two blackFriday shows have been devoted to works by new, up-and-coming artists, but this year, he writes via e-mail, he's doing something different: "... this year marks twenty years that I have been making photographs. So, we're talking thousands of photos and I'd like to get rid of some of them to hopefully serve as holiday gifts."

He's also hyping the show differently: "To advertise for the show I will be doing a performance piece handing out hundreds of nature photos taken around Pikes Peak to passerbys on Tejon street across from Acacia park the day of the show."

Interested? Make yourself available that day in and around said location, and/or head to blacKiowa beginning at 7 p.m. for 20 years of Rocky Mountain photographs by Spika, with live music by Foster.

Here's what you'll find:

Sunset on Sheep Mountain
  • Spika
  • "Sunset on Sheep Mountain"

Sunset on Capitol Peak and Lake
  • Spika
  • "Sunset on Capitol Peak and Lake"

Sunrise on Columbines, Mt. of the Holy Cross
  • Spika
  • "Sunrise on Columbines, Mt. of the Holy Cross"

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