A coffee scene in Colorado Springs?



Ryan Wanner's name should be somewhat familiar to you by now, as he's the roast master at Black Forest's R&R Coffee Café.

And we've mentioned him inside coffee talk fairly often in the last few years, including here, here and here.

It's obvious that Wanner is really into coffee culture, but this post last week on R&R's blog makes it clear that he's also into coffee community — and helping grow ours.

Take a moment to read his praises for Urban Steam Coffee Bar and Cafe Velo and his list of criteria for what makes a great coffee bar.

"So why, in a pretty competitive landscape that is coffee, do I brag about two other coffee bars?" he writes ...

Simple. They/we are trying to do something Colorado Springs has not seen: move coffee beyond “just a cup.”

While I do believe that Colorado Springs is a long way away from a nationally advertised Coffee Crawl like Boulder had a few weeks ago, I see great potential in the small but growing coffee scene down here.

It's that potential that I too am excited about and have certainly noticed also with the recent additions to the scene.

Cheers to Wanner for his can-do attitude and sharing his opinion from the other side of the counter.

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