KILO talks marijuana and Amendment 64


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The other day, legendary local disc jockey Jack Mehoff, with KILO 94.3, spoke with Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol co-director Brian Vicente. The 12-minute conversation ranged across the many questions the passage of Amendment 64 has raised, so give it a listen for a nice overall understanding. But here's an interesting bit from Vicente (beginning at 7:25) on federal intervention:

It’s worth noting that the federal government cannot prevent Colorado from legalizing six plants and an ounce for adults 21 and over; they, like, literally cannot prevent states from passing state criminal laws like that. Where the federal government could try to intervene could be with the storefront model. I don’t believe they have a strong legal case to do so, but if they were to put up a fight there, or if some local officials or police were to not respect and uphold the law, then I think that would the worst-case scenario I’d see. But we have a large majority of Colorado voters that want to see this law implemented in a safe and effective fashion, so we feel confident that officials will allow that to happen.


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