Pueblo bakery earns national press over Facebook fight



Hopscotch Bakery is pretty well-known and -regarded fixture on the Pueblo food scene.

Back when former Indy food writer David Torres-Rouff visited in 2005, he called it "the best place to buy baked goods for more than a hundred miles in any direction" in this review.

And just last month, The Pueblo Chieftain awarded it the Best Bakery in town.

But not everyone agrees.

And one recent customer vehemently disagrees.

Take a look at the review from the commenter named Toni, included on both Yelp and Urbanspoon. Each are dated Nov. 5.

The public hoopla really began when Hopscotch bakery owner Mary Oreskovitch (who happens to be wife of Bingo Burger operator Richard Warner) lashed back at a negative review on her own Facebook page.

That whole thread has since been deleted by Oreskovitch, due to threats she says she received. They apparently were along the lines of, "I think you messed with the wrong family, Mrs. Hopscotch," and "We're going to write things about you that you won't fucking believe."

But I happened to take a screen grab of the posting when I first observed it, which you can view here:

Hopscotch Bakery Pueblo
  • Note the high amount of "likes" to the posting as well as numerous of comments, many of which were quite negative. Oreskovitch says the likes grew to around 200 before she deleted the thread.

After the squabble between Oreskovitch and the negative reviewer went public, it quickly spun out of control. Beyond the negative online reviews, Oreskovitch says the bakery has received repeated hang-up phone calls.

One call that Oreskovitch was able to field was from ABC News writer Lauren Torrisi, who penned this post about the feud.

Toni Rice, sister of the upset reviewer Cindy Potestio Hunka, tells her family's side of the story to Torrisi in the post. Oreskovitch plays some defense as well, after coming off the offense with her Facebook snark.

I called Oreskovitch today for an update, and after mentioning that "business is booming," she maintained an unapologetic tone. "There's a misconception that in business, the customer is always right," she says. "They aren't."

"Simply because we exchanged money doesn't give someone the right to behave the way she did," she continues. " ... There's a reason I'm in business for myself and not in the corporate world. I go out of my way to make people happy, but when someone makes it personal ..."

Oreskovitch says she did reach out after the ABC posting to invite Rice to talk one-on-one, "to see if we could settle this," but she has not heard back from Rice since.

She has however heard from others, including other local small business owners who support her inflammatory decision to fight back on a public platform.

"The people it upset wouldn't have come in anyway — they weren't our customers," she believes. "It invigorated the people that were already loyal to us."

Regarding the concern for public perception in the wake of all this, Oreskovitch says she'd not too worried about the Yelp and Urbanspoon comments, as they're surrounded by glowing reviews.

Hopscotch Bakery Pueblo

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