Procussions line up funding for new album



It's no secret that Colorado Springs hip-hop is undergoing a renaissance, thanks to the current successes of the ReMINDers, Black P and Bullhead*ded.

Add to that the arrival of promising newcomers like A Black DAY, the newly formed collective featuring emcees Milogic, Hott, Jayoin (MadTrees) and Ahmad Hassan Mitchell, who was half of Accumen alongside the ReMINDers' Samir Zamundu.

And now comes good news for fans of the much-missed Procussions. The band that was once Colorado Springs' most widely-known hip-hop ambassadors — snagging a Sony record deal and a national tour with A Tribe Called Quest — announced yesterday that it has exceeded its $10,000 fundraising goal.

And that means we'll finally be seeing a new Procussions album, with a tentative March 5 release date.

As detailed in a recent Indy interview ("Return of the Procussions"), it's been seven years since the group's last record, during which time Jason "Mr. J." Medeiros and Stro Elliot have worked on individual projects out in their adopted L.A. But homecoming reunion shows in the wake of the Waldo Canyon Fire rekindled the musical bond between the two artists.

As Medeiros told us at the time, a new Procussions album would be completely different than their solo projects, even though they tend to work on each other's recordings:

"When I'm working as Mr. J. Medeiros, with Stro doing the production, I focus more on storytelling. He tells me I'm depressing. [Laughs.] I don't know, I guess it IS a little depressing. I enjoy it, though, you know? But as the Procussions, we focus on having a lot more energy. We focus a lot on the tracks sounding really hard and heavy. We focus on the things that we can only do with both of us at the wheel."

Fans old and new can still get in on the indiegogo campaign, which continues on for another 35 days. Currently, pledges have reached $11,224 — funds raised in excess of the goal will be used to make promotional videos — and donor packages include incentives ranging from CDs and hoodies to exclusive beats from Stro that you can use on your own album.

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