'A Show of Textures, Flavors and Colors'



In this week's Side Dish column, I mention chef Daniel Bartlett's upcoming free presentation at Colorado College, 'A Show of Textures, Flavors and Colors.'

Here's some more info on the Wednesday, Nov. 7 event, courtesy of Bartlett himself:

Bartlett is the co-creator of the world's largest fruit sculpture, described in depth here.

By phone last week, the young chef told me that he'll actually be on CC's campus most of the day, interacting with students in the anthropology department and doing other demos prior to showtime, with support from Paragon Culinary School students. (Paragon is co-sponsoring the show, and Bartlett also teaches there.)

Like the subject of our Appetite review this week, Squeaky Bean chef Max MacKissock, Bartlett says he's not specifically focused on molecular gastronomy, though some of the movement's techniques are built into the show.

He prefers to demo with basic ingredients that he aims to tie into all of the senses — to the extent that there's a musical soundtrack to his performance and video accompaniment, plus touches like little envelopes placed in the audience that allow viewers to smell, touch and taste certain ingredients.

Make no mistake, he says, it's very much a choreographed, scripted show, not your average cooking demonstration.

Dan Bartlett Colorado College

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