UPDATE: A blast from Lamborn's past



According to Catherine Mortensen, Lamborn's spokeswoman, the congressman is standing behind his vote: "Congressman Lamborn still believes that we do not need more laws on the books when the ones we have now are perfectly fine."

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The campaign for Dave Anderson is leaning hard on the conceit that Congressman Doug Lamborn is a misogynist.

After Missouri Rep. Todd Akin uttered his campaign-hobbling profundity — “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down” — the Anderson campaign quickly jumped to tie Lamborn to his Republican colleague.

Together, Congressmen Lamborn and Akin wrote legislation that would take away a rape survivor’s access to health services. They’ve blocked efforts that would provide care for female military personnel who have been raped. These two even co-sponsored a bill that would subject women to humiliating, invasive medical procedures.

Now, Carolyn Cathey, with the local Democratic Party and a supporter of Anderson, wants to remind voters in the 5th Congressional District of the stance Lamborn took against a bill outlawing female genital mutilation.

This was back in the late ’90s, when Lamborn was serving in the state Senate. In 1998, Lamborn was the lone vote against the bill in the Senate, but the bill failed to make it to law. The next year, Lamborn again voted against the bill, but was then joined by two of his colleagues.

According to media reports from the time, such as this Denver Post article, Lamborn stated that his opposition was due to his belief that there was no need for the law, as Colorado hadn't seen an epidemic of such mutilations and that banning an obvious form of child abuse would be redundant under existing laws.

From Cathey:

Congressman Doug Lamborn
  • Congressman Doug Lamborn

I can’t believe that voters would forget that when Doug Lamborn was in the state Senate he was the disgustingly lone vote against making Female Genital Mutilation illegal. The only vote against protecting women from this brutal crime.

Doug Lamborn and Todd Akin are cut from the same cloth. The idea that women have magical powers against “legitimate rape” culminating in a pregnancy is almost as idiotic as thinking Female Genital Mutilation never occurs.

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