South Park: And all the saints said 'amen'




I have no idea who runs the Colorado Springs Memes Facebook page — and who is presumably the same person who posted the awesome video below — but he should be rewarded with our eyeballs.

Some background: Recently, there's been some passionate, loud individual hanging around downtown trying to save the souls of Tejon Street by hollering unintelligible-to-me things that probably relate to salvation, or a cell-phone sale, or the like.

Anyway, in response, my new favorite Colorado Springsian appropriately dressed himself in a green toga to yell back at the preacher man the only thing that makes sense anymore: a South Park reference. Specifically, a speech by Randy Marsh from Episode 3 in the show's 13th season, titled "Margaritaville," where Randy offers the message that the economy tanked because it wasn't respected enough, and that the only way to restore the economy's love is to stop spending money (on things like Denver Broncos hats and stocks).

"Yea, it is an angry and unforgiving economy," he says to a crowd hungry for reason. "To repent, we must stop frivolous spending. Instead of paying for cable, let us watch clouds. Instead of buying clothes, wear but sheets from thine beds. Cut spending to only the bare essentials: water, and bread, and margaritas, yea."

As anybody can see, the local man spreading Randy's message is doing the economy's God's work. Of course, considering our current citywide conversation, it only makes sense that the person filming the speech would be hit up for spare change at the same time.

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