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Some people are just so creative it makes me sick.

Sick with the, "Why didn't I think of that?!" envy.

So it is among the entrants in our Fall Arts Preview cover coloring contest.

Here's the final breakdown, as organized by Indy staffers Becca Sickbert and Claire Swinford, as well as intern Catt Meyer:

• 72 total entries
• over half were in the "adult" category

The winners were featured on our Slice of Life page, and here are their names again:

• Ages 3-7: Rosey, age 5, Colorado Springs
• Ages 8-12: Isabelle, age 8, Colorado Springs
• Ages 13-18: Lydia, age 13, Fountain
• Adult: Jacolyn, age 68, Colorado Springs, adhesive vinyl
• SO AWESOME he earned his own category: American Gothic diorama — Willard, age 58, Colorado Springs

Congratulations everyone. My cover looked like crap.
  • Congratulations, everyone. My cover looked like crap.

You can watch a slideshow of the entries here, and be on the lookout for some of our standout entries, which included a zombie cover (below), the aforementioned One Direction cover, one black-and-white version covered in intricate line patterns, another marked with political statements, and even one that featured a fire rolling in the hills behind the couple (below).



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