Gazette seeking new restaurant critic



It's been almost a year to date since local freelancer Kate Jonuska was announced as the Gazette's new restaurant critic, replacing Dave Philipps (who contentiously wrote under the pseudonym Nathaniel Glen).

Word came from Twitter today, though, that it's all over: Jonuska is on her way out, and "someone with writing exp & a solid food background, pref back of the house" is wanted.



The paper's been going through almost constant changes in recent months, what with East Coaster Aaron Kushner buying up the parent company, and installing his longterm friend and business partner Dan Steever as publisher of the Gazette.

We e-mailed editor Tracy Mobley-Martinez for more information, and will update if we hear back. In the mean time, Jonuska says the reason for the change is pretty simple: "Short answer: I'm moving to Boulder," she messages via Twitter. "I wanted the cat out of the bag already. I'll continue writing for at least a few weeks or until a replacement is found."

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