GOCA's 1,000 Crane Platters Project


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It's one part conceptual art, one part fundraising effort, and all ceramic. "It's an experiment," says Galleries of Contemporary Art director Daisy McConnell.

It's the 1,000 Crane Platters Project, an initiative in which local artist Mark Wong will create 1,000 handmade platters emblazoned with cranes to both be sold and to hang on GOCA 121's walls next February, as part of its Ceramica: Contemporary Clay show.

Something a little sturdier than origami.
  • GOCA
  • Something a little sturdier than origami.

Here's how it works: You can purchase a platter for $40 from now through Dec. 15. For now, you'll receive a card and a lottery number; that number will get you one of the platters (you can't choose a specific one) after the show closes next year. The platters, which come in a variety of designs and two sizes, are safe to eat from, and are dishwasher- and microwave-safe. Most are tan, but a few will be glazed in red.

As of now, McConnell says they've sold around 200, and expects they'll have a big sales boom with the impending holidays. Either way, though, Wong will make all 1,000.

You can see sample platters at either GOCA location now, and McConnell says they'll install a display case with more platters in the Plaza of the Rockies lobby soon. Wong will also be on hand at most GOCA events to answer questions about the project.

For more information about the project, visit galleryuccs.org, and order a platter at wongwares.com.


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