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Fresh off the presses: 2012 general election sample ballots.

The El Paso County Clerk and Recorder's Office has made available online copies of the ballots. Unlike the ballot you'll fill out Nov. 6, these include all the races and not just the ones in your county and state districts.

If you would like to see the ballots, visit the Clerk and Recorder's website, or download a copy here.


From the press release:

A sample ballot for the 2012 General Election in November is now available on the El Paso County Clerk & Recorder’s website. The sample ballot includes all elected office races, as well as all questions and issues from the State and local jurisdictions. It differs from actual ballots because the sample includes everything. An actual ballot will have only the races, ballot issues and questions that the voter is eligible to vote on.

The Clerk’s Office provides a sample ballot to give voters the opportunity to become familiar with the candidates, questions and issues prior to receiving their mail-in ballot, early voting or going to the poll place on Election Day.

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