'How do you transport 2 tons of alligators?'



It sounds like the set-up to a hokey joke, but no, it's just another press e-mail from our favorite roadside attraction, Colorado Gators.

This time, the rescue is preparing for the arrival of 19 alligators, each 7 to 9 feet long and 200 to 300 pounds each, from Rapid City, S.D. These gators are all rescues, according to the email, and were formerly residents of RC's Reptile Gardens, an outfit similar to Colorado Gators. (That center gets too many calls to take away overgrown pet reptiles to keep this bunch.)

The warm waters of Colorado Gators swamps.

Colorado Gators has a unique advantage among reptile rescues, in that it has a geothermal heat source to warm the critters' water and habitats, as well as plenty of room in its vast farm outside of Mosca.

The new residents are expected to arrive this Saturday. They'll join 300-plus other gators (about half of which are rescues) as well as rattlesnakes, giant pythons, ostriches and emus. And Sept. 22, they'll celebrate Sir Chomps O' Lot's 15th birthday. (That means free admission for the rest of us.)

So, to answer the question, how do you transport said cargo? "In a big U-Haul, of course. Ever wonder what is in the U-Haul next to you on the Interstate?"

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