Politicians pander in ads?


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University of Colorado regent Stephen Ludwig is wrapping up his 10-day tour of Colorado today.

Yesterday, Ludwig, who is seeking his second and final term on the Board of Regents stopped in Colorado Springs on his way out to some county that you've probably never heard of.

The Democrat is running against at-large against Republican Brian Davidson. Ludwig says his biggest concern is the prediction that by 2023 there will be zero public money for higher education.

On his blog, he writes:

According to a study by the University of Denver (report found here), Colorado will have no money for public higher education by 2023. In a very short 11 years Colorado’s higher education institutions will basically be privatized.

However, talk to some lawmakers, university presidents, and policy makers and they think that that we will run out of money for higher education within 5 years.

What does that mean? For CU, after a bunch of deep and dramatic cuts, it likely means that we will go — albeit kicking and screaming — into a high tuition, high aid model. Meaning, our sticker price will be high but there will be a lot of discounting and scholarships based on a family’s economic status. This is the business model for private colleges.

What will other colleges do? My guess is that some community colleges will close or, like Colorado Mountain College, ask voters in the area most impacted by the college to pay a local property tax to support the institution. Other colleges will likely do a combination of cuts and tuition increases because, quite frankly, students will pay it by taking out more loans.

So, if you think tuition is high now, just wait until there is no public money supporting higher education.

Besides driving to all of the state's 64 counties to seek re-election for this non-paying gig, Ludwig has distinguished himself by producing the most amusing political ad that I've seen in a while.


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