Needy going hungry in the Springs



Many local families are barely hanging on.
  • Many local families are barely hanging on.

In a twist of irony, the Springs' generosity has led to more suffering on the part of its most needy.

During the Waldo Canyon Fire, food donations poured in to help the displaced. But those needs were short-term. Now, the fire's victims — most of whom were insured for their losses — no longer need that kind of help.

The poor and homeless, however, need help worse than ever. With summer donations mostly snagged by Waldo or some other disaster or tragedy, less food and fewer donations have been flowing to charities that assist the poor.

The Springs Rescue Mission reports that it is turning families away who need food, and that its pantry shelves are empty. The need for food is "urgent." As always, many of those needing help are kids and senior citizens.

Springs Rescue Mission Issues Urgent Call for Food Donations

[Colorado Springs, CO] — Springs Rescue Mission has issued a request to the Pikes Peak Region for food donations today. Mission staff have characterized this request as “urgent,” noting that the usual flow of food donations has diminished not only from the effect of the anticipated “summer lull” but also from the impact of the recent Waldo Canyon fire.

“The community responded very quickly and generously to the needs surrounding the Waldo Canyon fire and its aftermath,” said Springs Rescue Mission CEO Rev. Joe Vazquez. “It’s not surprising that there would be a slowdown of donations in the wake of that response. Still, during those weeks the number of neighbors who needed food support was steady and of late has shown some increase.

“As a result, not only our warehouse shelves but also our kitchen pantry are bare most of the time. We’ve had to turn people away from our food distribution services. Scores of families have walked away empty-handed because the food simply isn’t there. We’re also stretched very thin at our Samaritan’s Kitchen meals service which offers a few hundred meals daily to our hungry and homeless neighbors.

“Any donation of nonperishable foods would be deeply appreciated at this time — especially proteins like canned meat or fish and canned fruit and vegetables.”

Food donations can be delivered from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday, and on Saturday from 9:00 am to 11:30 am to the Mission warehouse at 1 West Las Vegas Street, just west of Tejon and Las Vegas.
For more information about Springs Rescue Mission, call (719) 632-1822, or visit


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