Diabetes walk this Saturday




From the listings desk: For virtually every cause, there's a walk or run, and that's a great thing. Looking at the calendar the way we do, it's heartening to see 5Ks for everything from suicide prevention to Alzheimer's research. And this Saturday brings another, the Colorado Springs 2012 Walk to Cure Diabetes.

This 5K walk is backed by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, which states that more than 80 percent of its expenditures go directly toward research and education. Our walk will take place in America the Beautiful Park and gets started with 9 a.m. registration.

Floyd's 99 barbershop is also offering semi-permanent JDRF-colored hair streaks for $8, 50 percent of which will be donated to JDRF. Through mid-October, they will also give out services when customers donate.

As I've explained before, we're still learning about diabetes. While type 1, or juvenile diabetes, is largely diagnosed in childhood, there's also latent autoimmune diabetes, known as type 1½. This type is often misdiagnosed at type 2, however it shares components of both type 1 and 2 — and depending on the patient, may be more like one than the other. In my mother's case, it's a progressive disease, and will likely become more like type 1 as her pancreas eventually stops producing insulin (or so we expect).

Luckily, it is a manageable condition, and in time, research will discover new medicines and hormones, making life easier on patients. And maybe even a cure.

Education is also key. While weight plays a large role in how many view diabetes, genetics are what call the shots in type 1 and 1½. You can be as healthy as you want, like my mom, but that only means you'll have less trouble adjusting to the LADA lifestyle.

OK, don't mean to get all dour. All of this is just to say, there's never been a better time to streak your hair and get to steppin'.

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