When an 'e' means you've f'ed up



On the cover of today's Independent, you'll find the journalistic equivalent of keys locked in a car, a garden hose left running, a parent's birthday remembered too late. An inexplicable, yet completely irreversible, snafu that has the capacity to ruin a day and convince you that anyone who's looking in your direction, from your barista to your beagle, is saying to themselves, "What a blockhead."

It's "yeear's." As in, "Meet this yeear's winners and performers." This is how we introduce Bill Forman's feature on the 2012 Indy Music Awards, and it didn't come to our attention until after all our papers were printed.

I'd say this proves we're all too human and make goofy mistakes, but I don't think anyone's had much doubt on those counts. At least not since we decided this would be a good idea for a cover image during my first Earth Day at the Indy:


So all I'll say is, please read Bill's short profiles of 15 excellent local bands, and think about dropping into the Indy Music Awards on Thursday, Sept. 6. The show's free, at Stargazers, and promises some moments and performances that you'll be talking about for weeks to come.

No doubt, wee'll be doing the samee.

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