Chinese change-up: Bang on the move again



To quote The Simpson's Groundskeeper Willie (because, really, what more awesome way could there be to start a blog post?): "I warned you! Didn't I warn you?"

From there, Willie went on to condemn colored chalk as being "forged by Lucifer himself."

Ivys Chinese Cafe David Bang
  • The awesome food hasn't changed, but the location has.

I'm going to take a different path and simply remind you that in November 2010, I reviewed a fantastic Chinese eatery on Stetson Hills Boulevard called Jasmine Cafe, here.

In the introduction of that review, I explained how owner/chef David Bang claimed to simply close down his restaurants when they got too busy for him to handle, rather than take on help in the kitchen. He said he didn't trust anyone else with his food.

I hinted that there may be a limited time to catch Bang's cooking before he did another disappearing act — at the time still questioning whether his story was entirely true or not.

Well, it appears to be more true than fabricated, and here's the latest evidence: Bang recently sold Jasmine Cafe (named after his first daughter) to an interested party, and now he's opened a new spot called Ivy's Chinese Cafe (named after his second daughter) at 11550 Ridgeline Drive (488-8088).

Bang says the menu is virtually the same — that he didn't sell his recipes and sign a non-compete contract or anything.

True, this time he didn't get so busy that he closed his own place, but I'd say the willingness to let go of a successful spot shows the same type of non-attachment and confidence that he can pretty much open up anywhere and make a good go of things, as he's already done in Florence and Monument prior to Colorado Springs.

It's been too long since I've returned to Jasmine Cafe — which we'll have to keep an eye on to see if it remains as good as it was under Bang — so I'm glad to have a pressing reason to now dine at Ivy's and reacquaint myself with Bang's cooking.

You could say that his cooking is equally as racy as colored chalk in a child's hand — Willie's worst fear.

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