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  • Kangaroos, native to Australia, new to Academy Boulevard.

At 4:37 a.m. on Tuesday morning, the Colorado Springs Police Department fielded a rather unusual animal complaint.

Trucker George Bender dialed 911 after he says he spotted a mid-sized grey kangaroo hopping around behind the Red Lobster where he was delivering furniture — near 4900 Academy Boulevard.

“For some reason, they thought I was crazy because it was [4] o'clock in the morning and I was calling about a kangaroo,” Bender told the Indy.

According to police spokesperson Barbara Miller, CSPD did respond to the call (and is the correct place to contact should anyone see the animal). Unfortunately, the marsupial was GOA — that's "gone on arrival" for non-police types.

Bender was worried enough about the kangaroo to call the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Zoo vice president Tracey Gazibara says the zoo doesn't keep kangaroos and isn't missing any of its wallabies.

“We've had this happen before where people think they see a kangaroo, but it’s maybe a deer,” she says.

Gazibara said she thought it would be "pretty crazy" if there were an actual kangaroo on the loose, but said it could happen since people have been known to keep illegal exotic pets.

Bender, who lives in North Carolina, says he's convinced that what he saw was "a kangaroo or a kangaroo thingy.” He notes that he was within 100 to 110 feet of the creature, and was struck by the way it moved. Bender says he thinks it's an escaped pet.

“I've heard of escaped kangaroos before," he says. "... To me, it struck me as not being terrified of humans but cautious maybe. I followed it for maybe a block.”

Bender says he hopes someone will find and capture the kangaroo, noting that according to the Internet, a kangaroo wouldn't likely survive a cold winter in the wild.

It's probably a safe bet that in addition to the cold, most kangaroos aren't adapted to "street life" on a major urban boulevard either.

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